Winners of Award for Education in Drug Awareness

1 December 2015

Tim and Fiona were presented with the Chris Donovan Trust Special Award for Education in Drug Awareness on 19 November, as part of the charity's annual awards evening. This is an enormous honour, and they felt awed and humbled to be amongst such inspiring company there - individuals and charities doing amazing, innovative and tireless work across the country to make a difference in places where it's most needed, mostly with young people but also with offenders through restorative justice. Awards included those given to people working with young offenders, in gang and knife crime, to a brave young man who'd suffered severe facial lacerations for trying to stop a woman being attacked. So many incredible stories and incredible people.

Tim and Fiona thanked and led appluase for the fantastic Foundation team, some of whom were there too, and for the broader community of support that sprang up as soon as Dan died and keeps on growing, and without which none of this would have happened. This award is a great gift to us from the big-hearted Chris Donovan Trust, whose inspiring founders, Ray and Vi Donovan have shown us huge support from very early on, and believe wholeheartedly in what we're working to do. It will serve as an affirmation of what we're doing as we grow and develop the Foundation, and we're really grateful. Thank you!