Theatre in Education tour of schools

23 March 2016

We hope to raise funds for a professional theatre company to tour our play, with Theatre in Education workshops.  We want the story of Dan, with its message of choice, risk, consequences and impact, to reach as many young people as possible, in schools and through other organisations working with young people, such as community youth groups, faith groups, Youth Offending Services and Pupil Referral Units. 

Drama is a powerful and creative means of communicating important messages to young people in itself, and Theatre in Education is an incredibly effective tool , using interactive theatre/drama practices to enable young people to engage actively in learning. 

This will take some serious fundraising! There will be initial costs to adapt the play to make it a suitable length for schools to be able to accommodate, and for just four actors to deliver, and Theatre in Education workshops need to be written to accompany this. Then the costs incurred by the tour itself. But it’s something to which we are totally committed, and have had initial conversations with the director of a professional theatre company who has worked with Mark Wheeller over many years and toured his plays several times in the past. 

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