“The finest production I’ve seen this year”

25 August 2018

I genuinely thought I was watching Daniel’s friends and family tell this emotive and important story themselves. Take your children. Take your parents. And take care of yourselves.” Edinburgh49 5* review

This August, the talented young people and team of Yorkshire-based youth theatre company Lloyd Theatre Arts took a production of Mark Wheeller’s play about Dan to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Their production of ‘I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die’ was so skilled and moving that they brought people of all ages to tears every day, received 100% positive audience reviews, and after the first performance the seats were packed all week, which is remarkable for this incredibly busy international festival. Not only that, but they had two official reviews, both of which rated it as Five Star, a remarkable achievement even for professional performers at Edinburgh.

Playwright Mark Wheeller, who saw it twice the week of its run, wrote: The impact on the audience was palpable. There were tears all around the sold-out auditorium and the end of the play was greeted with a standing ovation.”