Summer teen drug deaths

8 September 2016

Ten teenagers lost their lives to drugs in just eleven weeks this summer. Mostly at clubs and festivals. A heartbreaking headcount of promising and deeply loved young lives. One of the many heartbreaking things about all these deaths is that is was just meant to be something that was fun.

What one of the friends of Lewis Haunch said could almost certainly have been said of them all: "He was a very clever lad, so if he would have known it would have caused harm to him or anybody else he wouldn't have done it." We and others so desperately need to be doing what we're doing with as many young people in as many schools as we can, so they DO know the potential risks and harms of drugs and can make choices that keep themselves safe.

These are the names and some of the faces of these ten teens:
18 June Emily Lyon (17) at the O2 (MDMA)
25 June Ryan Browne (18) at Fabric nightclub, Islington (MDMA)
7 July Megan Bell (17) at T in the Park festival
7 July Peter McCallum (17) at T in the Park Festival
26 July Unnamed girl (19) at Pryzm nightclub, Leeds
6 August Jack Crossley (18) at Fabric nightclub, Islington (MDMA)
7 August Nathan Wood (16) in Totnes, Devon (NBomb)
16 August Livvy Christopher (18) at Boomtown Fair festival (cause of death tbc)
27 August Lewis Haunch (18) at Leeds Festival
1 September Sherie-Lea James (15) in a flat in South Ockenden, Essex