Seeking excellence in drug education

7 March 2019

It’s been vital to us from the start that all we do is as effective as it possibly can be. As well as internal evaluations with feedback from students, teachers and parents, we’ve been working with the University of Middlesex Drug and Alcohol Research Centre on an initial assessment of our parents’ workshops, Theatre in Education, and teachers’ experience delivering our drug education lessons. This term they held a seminar to report on their findings.

We were so pleased that the results were so positive, and many of the suggested actions we’d already identified ourselves and put in place. “The assessment so far has indicated that the programme is very well received by teachers and parents/ carers and that the play is a valued core element of the programme. There were no recommendations for major changes. Rather ideas were offered for ways in which the programme could be strengthened and ways to extend its reach.” The full report can be read here