Our Mark Wheeller play première moves audience to tears

30 March 2016

The premiere performance of our play, I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won’t Die, took place on 29 March before a specially invited audience of VIP guests from a range of related sectors and organisations, as well as Dan’s family, friends and teachers. 

This was a totally unique occasion. A performance in Dan’s home town, by the cast and team of Oasis Youth Theatre, directed by the playwright Mark Wheeller himself, who between them have created this from the raw words of Dan’s family and friends - while in the audience were those very people who gave their testimony to the play, and who watched their words and stories being enacted on stage, and relived these most painful of hours, days, weeks, months. 

There was complete silence throughout the full two hours of the performance, with many in the audience moved to tears. The performances of these young actors were outstanding, with particular credit going to Natasha Thomas (Fiona, Dan’s mum), Lewis Evans (Dan’s friend Jack), and Karmen Arnold (Dan’s girlfriend Jenna). 

Next comes the All England Theatre Festival, a major national amateur dramatics competition, the first round of which is later this month. Oasis Youth Theatre, directed by Mark Wheeller, will be entering both parts of this play as separate one-act plays, I Love You Mum, and I Promise I Won’t Die. Good luck to them all from all at DSM Foundation!