'I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won't Die' - First performances of our play receive rave reviews

21 March 2016

In May 2014, just months after Dan died, the DSM Foundation commissioned award winning playwright Mark Wheeller to write a play about what happened to him. In March 2016 this had its first preview performances. Dan loved drama, he was very good at it, and this idea of his drama teacher was inspired. Drama is an incredibly powerful way to communicate important messages to young people, and the play has become a core part of our vision to enable young people to understand the risks, and potential consequences and impact of experimenting with drugs. 

Mark writes powerfully for young people about issues that affect them, and used verbatim theatre to take the raw words of Dan’s family and friends and transform them, through his incredible skill, and the huge talent and commitment of the young people and team of Oasis Youth Theatre, into a stunning performance, which brought the audience to tears at each of its first three performances.  

Stunning reviews of #iloveyoumumplay

“Searing new play by Mark Wheeller… A clear-sighted, sobering dramatization of the facts” Southern Daily Echo

"Incredible. I have never seen a piece of theatre like it. The kids are so affected by Too Much Punch [For Judy] as it is...the impact of this new play blows this out of the water. Drama teachers’ dream. If you get a chance go and watch as I promise you will want to teach it." Drama teacher

“Emotive but also thought provoking… such a brave and important piece of theatre , beautifully crafted …this powerful piece of theatre may truly save lives with its brave honesty - well done Mark Wheeller, cast and crew and Dan's parents” Drama teacher

“Wow... I was totally blown away by Mark's play and the outstanding performances of the young cast. I don't think there was a dry eye in the theatre and I can't stop thinking about it. It was utterly heart breaking and very hard hitting which it totally needs to be to have a meaningful impact in drugs education” Teacher

 “Wow…What an amazing drama. It was the last thing I thought of last night and the first thing when I woke up… This message needs to be seen by as many young people as possible to prevent this tragedy happening to another son or daughter.” Parent

“It was so so touching…by the end you don't just feel sad for the story but sad because you feel like you can relate to all of the friends and family who have suffered a loss which no-one should have to go through… I know that watching this play will change so many people's view”. Young person