Huge success of first professional tour of #iloveyoumumplay

4 May 2017

“I would just like to say how much the play moved all of us and how many tears were shed in that hall. Thank you for what you’re doing, for raising awareness of this topic that’s not mentioned enough.” Alice Skott, year 10 student, BRIT School, Croydon.

StopWatch Theatre took their moving and powerful professional production of Mark Wheeller’s play about Dan, ‘I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die’, into schools and colleges across London last term – a total of 69 performances and interactive workshops, in 45 schools and colleges, to over 10,000 teenagers. In addition to this, there have been two evening performances for families, and one for community youth organisations.

The most special performance, however, was at Dan’s own school, Archbishop Tenison’s CE High, on 16 March, and made more special by having the Bishop of Southwark in the audience with the year 10 students. BBC London did some great coverage, both on the TV news and in a longer interview with Fiona on BBC Radio London.

The impact appears to have been profound, on both students and staff, and on parents and carers, and feedback has been glowing wherever StopWatch have been. We very much hope that this impact will last for all these young people, and remind them how precious they all are, and how much every choice they make about drugs and alcohol matters.

Students were "really affected - intense focus and beautifully drawn in. Perfect for year 10. Utterly engaged." StopWatch were "beyond expectation. Performances were powerful. Acting quality top notch...Would love this as part of our core curriculum for Year 10" Ray Oudkerk, Assistant Principal, BRIT School