Glowing reviews of our play, I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won't Die

30 March 2016

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. These are some excerpts:

“I was deeply moved by the play here yesterday. To the family, thank you for your strength in sharing such personal work. Please pass on my congratulations to Mark and Oasis. The pieces are fascinating for their actuality, honesty, matter-of-factness at times and such impact at others. Informative, complex and subtle – real life on stage. Such an important story to be told and we want our young people to hear it.” Ray Oudkerk, Assistant Principal Performing Arts, BRIT School

“This show has a message that needs to reach out to schools across the UK. Theatre like this can help save lives and educate the effects of taking drugs…I can't express enough what this show has done to me. To make a change you need to want a change. This story needs to be heard…I'm honoured to have witnessed this show and thank you to the brave family and friends of Daniel Spargo-Mabbs to share their story.” Sam Quested, freelance theatre producer/ director 

“What hit me most, was that Dan seemed like he was your genuine lovely lad and if you were to stereotype him, you'd never expect to go anywhere near drugs and what's scary, is that he did. I don't know about anyone else, but for me I have actually ZERO recollection of any drug education at school…EVERYTHING I've learnt about drugs was through word of mouth and experience. Surely that has to be wrong when it's such a prevalent part of a lot of people's lives? .. If watching this play has taught me anything, it's that you need performances like this to be in schools showing kids that drug related deaths aren't just a statistic. You need actual human beings with real life experience in being around these drugs willing to talk about their experiences…A massive thank you to all of Dan's friends and family for allowing Dan's story to be told yesterday and a massive thank you to all of OYT for sharing it.” Matt Hobbs, actor and singer