Film about Dan up for award

7 November 2018

The story of Dan has been at the heart of all we’ve done from the very earliest days, told almost everywhere by his mum Fiona. It resonates so powerfully with audiences of all ages and gives a relevance and context to all the information, advice and guidance we provide through our drug education programme.  There’s only so much of Fiona to go round though (and she’s running the charity too), and so earlier this year we commissioned a short film to bring Dan’s story to young people beyond Fiona’s capacity to reach. We just want to make sure young people everywhere have access to drug education that works, and can make choices about drugs that keep them safe. Our drugs educators Sarah and Asha have been using this in workshops already, and it’s at the heart of our new digital drug education programme that’s started going out to schools across the UK this term.

This very moving film is now up for a Charity Film Award! We'll keep you posted and let you know if we get through to the next round this spring...