“Brilliant, touching, honest” - #iloveyoumumplay on tour

5 April 2019

Dan’s story, retold in Mark Wheeller’s moving verbatim play ‘I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die’, has taken to the road again this term in the talented hands of StopWatch Theatre Company. Over 14,000 young people have experienced this powerful production this term. Performances were followed by interactive workshops to pick up key issues and enable them to learn more about the risks of drugs and alcohol and how to make safe choices themselves. There were a record 92 performances in this third professional tour, four of which were public community performances for parents and families, one was our first in the workplace. The tour van travelled the length and breadth of London, and this year also as far as Derby and Southampton. Our fourth tour will start in January 2020! If you'd like more information or to book please email 

“WOW! The most impactful external session we’ve had all school year!”  

“Delivered in a creative way, sensitively and reflective of real life”

As well as the StopWatch tour, the full published version of #iloveyoumumplay continues to reach communities all over the place. This spring this included not only youth theatres, schools and colleges across the UK, but also as far as a school in Tasmania, and Relevant Youth Theatre in Wagga Wagga, Australia. We know it’s also being widely used in GCSE and BTEC performance assessments, as well as in school drama lessons. Wherever it travels, young people tell us it touches their hearts and engages them like no other play has before, and they feel part of something important and bigger than themselves, helping other young people keep themselves safe.

“A life-changing, perhaps life-saving, experience”