An incredible year in schools and colleges!

31 July 2017

2016-17 has been our second full year working in schools, and what an amazing year it’s been! We’ve worked with 89 schools and colleges, up from 26 schools in 2015-16 - which in itself was a huge achievement having just piloted our PSHE lessons in two schools the previous summer. We now have well over a hundred schools and colleges on our books, 82 of which have come to us in 2016-17, mostly through word of mouth and recommendation.

“I’m not sure you can fully appreciate the impact you have had, but parents were immediately aware that something had changed in their children’s attitudes towards drugs after your visit to our school”

Mark Waldron, headmaster, Ryde School


By the end of the summer term over 16,000 young people will have heard Dan’s mum Fiona tell the story of her son, in assemblies and drug and alcohol education workshops, and most of these have gone on to have our PSHE programme in lessons or form time. In addition to this, around 10,000 young people have seen the StopWatch Theatre production of Mark Wheeller’s play about Dan, I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die.

“Thank you so much for the resources, the assembly and the staff training you came in for. The lessons were really successful, with engaged and more knowledgeable students ready to make safer choices!”

Navdeep Chima, head of PSHE, Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College

Our schools programme has expanded hugely too from where we started two years ago. We now have a flexible, evidence-based spiral curriculum of complimentary, age-appropriate programmes to cover all key stages in secondary school. Planning and resources are available for schools to deliver drug and alcohol education in lessons or shorter form time sessions to years 7&8, years 9-11 and sixth form. We’ve also piloted year 6 transition workshops in two primary schools to prepare pupils for all that lies ahead at secondary school, in partnership with Jude Barber, children’s worker at Christ Church, Purley, which had a fantastic response from both pupils and staff.

“This workshop was an incredible experience for the children and adults”

Julia Waterson, Deputy Head, Kingswood Primary

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